then and now, the bone house continues

the old bone house pre-fire

While I personally have not been working at the Bone House as of late, I do still drop in and keep abreast of the progress as well as interesting tidbits of news that is happening in and around the Bone House. Check in on Facebook as Kristie does a great job of relaying news and events there, as does Tod when it comes to projects/events and workshops, all posted on the website.

Yesterday I dropped by and was happy to see that the bottle cap floor has been grouted and cleaned and ready for Dan to coat it with a polyurethane finish. The metamorphosis that takes place during the installation of the cork and now the bottle cap flooring is astonishing. Each step brings out another layer of patina, texture and beauty. While I loved how the raw floors looked when just cork and caps were glued down, after grout has been applied and cleaned, everything just 'pops'. The cool thing is you can use any color grout you want, adding to the overall flavor of the entire room. For the bottle cap floor a light charcoal grout has been chosen, giving the room a nice cool feel.

unsealed, grouted bottle cap floor

bamboo floor/cut tiles

The third downstairs bedroom floor as noted in the previous post, is comprised of donated bamboo [above]. Now that the floor has been laid its time for the detailing to get started: that being the cutting of more bamboo into 'tiles'. The tiles will morph out into the front entryway and then bump into the sliced redwood pieces which will cover the kitchen floor. As you can see in the pre-fire photos [top photo], there are two steel stools at the kitchen bar. The stools once inhabited Goolsby Drugstore which was located on the corner of 12th and Sam Houston Avenue and closed in the early 80's. While I couldn't find any information about the store online, you can practically taste a chocolate sundae just looking at these candy caned relics. Very cool that Dan had extras in storage so he could replicate the original kitchen bar area!

today's bone house kitchen bar area

upstairs landing/office area

Bob's garden grows

And, as you can see in the photo above and below, the yard is slowly turning into an organic garden and food prep area. Yep, in just another month we are having David Reed host a Cob Oven Building Workshop. (interview with David coming next week). In the photo below an outdoor kitchen area is underway. It is hard to see in this photo, but Dan has placed two huge Chevron Signs on top of the kitchen structure. Surely this will serve up interesting table talk after say a cob oven flat bread pizza has been fired up and food and drink are served, perhaps on Dan's outdoor bone furniture...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this adventure with the persons who may not be able to make it to such an awe inspiring project. For those of us "old fogies" caught in the middle of seeing and appreciateing the older frugal lifestyle of being thrifty to the new age style of actually putting ideas of saving waste into action, it brings peace to the hearts of 1,000s who wish they too could have "done it" and still fit in. (to the last decade's society of spending and tossing like it didnt matter)