The Bone Furniture, Part I

“A Short History of Rib Roast,” by Dan Phillips

Cow bone and Western Red Cedar

Outdoor patio furniture made by Dan Phillips. This furniture, along with three more tables made by two other artists, will be exhibiting at the Doss Heritage & Culture Center in Weatherford, Texas. I will post about the rest of the furniture in part 2 and 3.

Dan made four chairs and one alarmingly creative table using the scapula's of the cow as resting points for drinks or platters. When I first saw this table I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Very unexpected, as Dan had been talking about his ideas for a table and as is the case, this table is completely different than what he was planning. It's a wow table. And the chairs, with their tight lines of ribs serving as the seating and backing along with various other bones bluntly screwed atop and behind the chair, make for an exceptional visual orchestra. Yes you CAN sit in these for long periods of time. Yes they ARE functional. Yes you might need to own them and yes Dan is going to offer this furniture up for auction, details to come! Table is approx 35" tall (at highest point), 29" W and 46" long.

Per Dan's comments:

The Phoenix Commotion is currently building a residence/studio combination for legitimate artists, using bone as one of the design elements. The only difference between ivory and bone is that ivory is illegal, and bone is free. In these parts, every rancher has a bone yard. And so, bone will be integrated into all aspects of the building--from balustrades, counter tops and mosaics, to door- and cabinet-handles and patio furniture. An ensemble of chairs and tables like those shown will provide appointments for outdoor gatherings.

Click here to read more about the Bone House. The history of the original Bone House pre-fire is talked about and you can always find more pictures and info on the Phoenix Commotion Facebook Fan Page.


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