Phoenix Commotion Forum is up!

Happy to announce the Phoenix Commotion Forum is up and ready to go! You are cordially invited to join the new free internet forum created by The Phoenix Commotion. Here you will be able to connect locally as well as internationally with others who want to be part of the The Commotion by exchanging knowledge and ideas. Dan Phillips and members of the Phoenix Crew will be weighing in on questions and comments that range from sustainable construction and deconstruction to land acquisition and creating relationships with municipal entities; all in the interest of inspiring and educating people about about building with recycled and reclaimed materials.

Included in the forum:

Construction: foundation/framing/plumbing/electricity/roofing/flooring/walls and ceilings/heating, cooling, and ventilation.

Materials: collecting/storing/new uses and experiments/ identifying problem materials

Property: purchasing and zoning

Connect Locally: connect with people where you live

General Forum: affordable technology/municipal relationships/ legal and tax info/ job and volunteer opportunities/ funding/ events

Drop by and write a post, we'd love to hear what you think!

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