Cob Workshop with David Reed Part I

March 28th David Reed of New Jura Natural Building will host a Cob Oven Building Workshop.

In collaboration with Dan Phillips and The Phoenix Commotion, we will be holding a cob oven workshop March 28th from 10am to 6pm in Huntsville Texas at the world famous Bone House.

In this workshop you will learn how to build a cob oven and then fire it when finished. Earthen ovens are simple, low-cost and fun to build. Ideal for baking bread and pizza, earthen ovens are beautiful as well as functional, making wonderful additions to any home garden or patio. Dress to get dirty, wear shoes that you don't mind getting trashed. A 6'x8' tarp would be handy to mix the cob on. We will get started at 10am and go through some preliminary cob philosophy as well as some history.

At around 1pm we will break for lunch, David will be serving a delicious vegetarian meal, something simple and light to keep you full of energy and not bogged down. A handmade salad and some grains and legumes. You are more than welcome to bring your own lunches or to go grab a lunch. We will resume the cob oven at around 2pm.

We will have some fun activities for any children that attend such as making adobe blocks and cob sculptures.

The price for this event is $100 per participating adult, the deadline for registering is March 21st. We are taking registration fees by PayPal. Click here to sign up.

Part II: More about David Reed, cob, and self sustainable living.

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