sneak peak inside

Things are taking shape on a daily basis. I spent a good bit of time there this weekend working on the cork floor in the upper bedroom while Linda was making huge progress on the walls and Dan concentrated on electrical work/counter top shelving in the kitchen.

The cabinet bone handles are too much fun as is the delicate deer antler window latches. Pink cotton candy insulation still hangs above ~ the ceiling has yet to be installed. I have no clue what they plan on using, I think I want to be surprised. As far as the flooring, Dan plans to have a t-shirt floor; a bottle cap floor; a mirror shard floor; some wood and as yet to be determined on any remaining space.

The Artist Studio behind the Bone House is also shaping up. The huge mirror-shard walls are almost done leaving just one more wall to be designed with discarded CD's. Every time I visit the Bone House the piles of wood outside get smaller and smaller. More ground space surfaces and there is a sense of excitement as this project heads closer to the finale.

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