Redwood doors made by Josh, and glass mosaic created by Linda

close up mosaic

Bob's garden growing....

cork floor getting installed in upper bedroom

Tod working on floor

It's been a few weeks since I've been to the bone house as I've had life get in my way. Subtle and not so subtle changes going on. Inspections passed. Exteriors nearly finished. Interiors getting more attention. The Bone House is starting to feel like a personality.

I took the picture of the redwood doors a few weeks ago (see above) and they are firmly in place with the addition of bone handles and locks ~ they are beautiful works of art. The deck continues to change, and a quick scan reveals subtle changes that as a whole make you feel like you are ensconced in an alpine forest.

Inside, deer horns serve as window latches; delicate pig bones as kitchen cabinet drawer pulls. Walls are being nailed up over the installation, and of course the most notable change is the start of the upper bedroom cork floor which Dan has so wondrously invented. The floor is an artistic science in and of itself. I don't dare explain it, you should read the article Dan wrote for the full scoop and scope of this creation.

Yesterday, with a touch of reverence, I began working on the cork floor. Dan isn't one to hover and point out what you are doing right or wrong. He shows you and lets you be, a bit later he pops in and checks in. It's a little unnerving but it is also freeing. That is the beauty of these homes, they are free. Expansive. Nothing is on some company time line and nothing, it would seem is terminal. I cannot forget that this is the second time they have built the bone house. I cannot forget how patient and available Dan is, or the crew for that matter. People don't seem to carry expectations about what you should or shouldn't be doing. There is an invisible thread that leads us all. The bone house is orchestrating it's resurrection from the ashes. The Phoenix is rising.....

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