more Bone House doings

Stopped by the bone house today to see the progress. Last time I was there I was working on the bottle cap floor that is a joint collaboration amongst all workers and volunteers. I did my part and the rest is getting filled in quite nicely. Also, last time I was there Josh and Bryan were on a tear with the ceilings and Linda had gotten the walls done. Its cozy and warm and very inviting in there right now.

Linda finished the walls, Josh finished the ceiling in the main kitchen/living area

Josh made these redwood window covers, each one can be removed to let in light or keep you cozy at night or put in 'upside down' to let light gently seep in. There are four separate pieces so theoretically you could remove just one or two if you wanted the full Texas sun blasting in.

The upper bedroom wine cork floor has been grouted/cleaned and finished. Dan, myself, Linda and Shannon all worked on what is to date the largest wine cork floor Dan has installed yet; the effect is very calming and swishy, almost like currents of water sloshing gently into each other. This bit of entry way floor for the bedroom are champagne corks cut in half. They too are a first and are quite wonderful!

It appears more bone has been acquired, it is being bleached and waiting patiently for what is sure to be an integral part of the interior design of this house.


bvdew said...

How did you slice the wine corks? I want to do this for my bathroom, but I'm trying to figure out a fast and consistent way to cut all those corks to the same thickness.

Elizabeth said...

I'm interested too! in the whole process actually. I have a small area I want to cork, any info would be a huge help!!

Nêzia said...

hi! how do you glue the corks. wath do you use to join them? it's beautiful!