the stuff is out there!

Yesterday I was asked to come see the new 'finds'. I went to the job site and saw the truck and trailer filled with shower doors and molding. All new. All brand spanking new from a hardware store that for whatever reason didn't want this product anymore. It was bound for the dump. How insane is that? Thousands of dollars of 'trash'.

In case you are wondering how it is possible to make homes out of materials that are in good condition, this is how. It happens daily. I have yet to even delve into how much material is available for free, but the more I hear and see what is being dumped/offered/donated to organizations such as the Phoenix Commotion, the more I realize you could probably make a home out of just about anything your little heart desires. And who says you have to use the shower doors as shower doors? One of the crew members yesterday was salivating over the possibility of making a green house out of them. I was salivating thinking about using them as sky lights. Moldings? Dan already had visions of making ceilings out of it. I saw myself chopping them up and making mixed media art with it. Climb out of the box and play. Be self taught. Be self challenged. Make it up as you go and enjoy finding unwanted STUFF and use it in unconventional ways to make something useful, beautiful and fun.

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