In an attempt to give some history, facts and information about some of the homes already built, I think it's easiest to link to articles that have already been written. Yesterday I went to the Storybook house to see if I could get some pictures of Kirk and Claude as they were filming their documentary. The house is currently rented and the tenants graciously let Tod and I into their home to look around. It felt awkward and not right to start taking pictures inside so we took a peek around, thrust some home made cookies at them and darted off. It was a bleak day of sorts so the few outdoor shots I got aren't nearly as marvelous as what you could see here on the Architectural Antique Review blog.

I had a chance to talk a bit more with Kirk and Claude, still hoping they will send me a blurb about themselves/their project. What I gleaned in talked with Claude was that he also saw the article on Dan in the NY Times and that is what intrigued him to come here and want to make a documentary. He is still unsure exactly where this is going, I imagine it is much like writing a book, there has to be a general gist and point one wants to relay while keeping the story going. I was very impressed as Claude took me outside in front of the house and started relaying all sorts of facts about the beams and angles; things Dan had told him about the who's and how's of making this house. It's all such a new language my head hasn't caught on to the lingo very well. I stood there, looking up at this strange, gentle beast of a house trying to imagine what it must be like to see your vision turn into reality. To play and create and make homes that are truly unique while benefiting others in the process. I like that these home's aren't crying out 'look at me' in a gaudy bright crazy sort of way. These homes, to me at least, have a very balanced yin and yang energy. They are big but small. Strong yet delicate. Crazy yet sane. Speaking from an artists' point of view, I like the gentle but strong pull I feel when I look at relatively common materials that are being used in some pretty unusual and creative ways. Functional works of art. You can't deny the power in that.

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