documenting the documentarists

Today Claude Mathews and Kirk Hunter are going inside of the storybook house to get footage of the inside. Claude is a producer/director and Kirk is a film maker & is associated with the Austin Film School. They are longtime friends who have decided make a documentary about Dan Phillips and the Phoenix Commotion.

I was out running errands, saw them at the side of the storybook home and stopped to ask if I could take a picture of them. Thought it would be fitting to document their documenting. Nice guys. Humorous, playful, gregarious and truly interested in the Phoenix Commotion. I cannot wait to see their documentary. I think they said last week they got over 30 hours of footage!

Will post more about Claude and Kirk later as I've invited them to write blurbs about themselves and their documentary. Can't wait to go back today and see the inside of this house! (top photo is Kirk having a playful moment pretending to be the keebler man. the roof of this house inspired that)


sarala said...

Way to go! Maybe you should add a donation widget if Dan takes donations for his project?
It is a great start. I'm looking forward to being a regular follower.

paula said...

if you click the get involved button that takes you to all of that. thanks for the suggestion shara!