brief intro

How does one just jump into a blog about a project that has been around for years and that has gotten so much media exposure recently that there is probably no stone left unturned? Head first I suppose. It's daunting, as I'm an outsider who has recently been given a chance to be an insider. My boyfriend Tod and I moved here a month ago from Vermont as we were intrigued by the New York Times article on Dan Phillips. Intrigued enough to want to come to a place we'd never even heard of and get involved in whatever way we can. It started with a simple email and a few weeks later we were packing a truck and heading for Huntsville, Texas.

This blog isn't 'our' blog. We created it but anyone involved with the Phoenix Commotion may share pictures, information, links and their stories here. It is our hope that the blog will give you a more intimate look at the projects and people who make up the Phoenix Commotion. It feels like a very exciting time for everyone right now. There has been a documentary crew filming, various media doing interviews with Dan as well as new projects in the horizon that are bound to draw more interest and attention.

I look forward to being a reporter of sorts, filling you in on these happenings or just sharing details about whatever it is that catches my eye on any given day. Today for example I went to the bone house to see what Linda was working on. Linda is a glass artist and has been making mosaics for some beautiful doors that Josh is working on. I want to wait and take a picture of the doors when they are actually put up, but in the meantime here is a snippet of her work in progress. The picture on the left is a finished panel, and on the right a panel in progress.

There, I jumped in. I will introduce you to Josh, Linda, Brian, Tom, Bob and whoever else I run into that has worked or volunteered for Dan. There is Kristie, who is the PR superstar and coordinator extraordinaire who works with Dan. And of course it goes without saying: Dan and his wife Marsha, the founders of the Phoenix Commotion. Bear with me as I myself am still learning the ropes, the people and the place. For more details about the Phoenix Commotion go to their website (which is in the process of getting a whole new look). There you will find articles, videos, PDF forms such as this one, as well as detailed information about the mission of the Phoenix Commotion and what you can do to get more involved. Time to edit more pictures and prepare for the next post!


jeanamarie said...

lovely introduction - a great jump/dive in! 10 out of 10!

Lynda Lehmann said...

Sounds very exciting, Paula!

San said...

What a great community to find yourself a part of. So very YOU, Paula. WOO-HOO!