Welcome to the Phoenix Commotion Blog!

Hi and welcome to the Phoenix Commotion blog!

The  Phoenix Commotion is a project committed to people and their communities. Specifically, we are committed to reducing the landfill waste-stream by diverting usable building materials into the construction of low-income housing, with an unskilled, minimum-wage labor force.

This blog is a joint effort by the people involved with the Phoenix Commotion. We hope that this blog will give you more insight and information about the people working with Dan Phillips, as well as the general day to day experiences as they are happening on the job sites.  We look forward sharing this journey and invite your questions and comments.


Dr Bob said...

The most significant thing I can say about Dan to me is that he is my friend. He is an amazing three-dimensional human being that is doing remarkable work in Huntsville and all around this planet. Te Bone House is a remarkable place and I gladly share a passion for this artist's compound. One either likes bone or doesn't... I love it and the wonderful artistic bents of this project defy description. Enjoy the journey here as Paula takes us all on a journey that will change you forever.

self taught artist said...

thanks for the best first comment a blog could get bob! tod and i look forward to being taken on that journey along with you. it is a privilege to to be here and get to know you all.

andrea said...

Well -- here it is! I'll check back regularly.

jeanamarie said...

I'll be checking back too! sounds like an amazing journey :)

Kitty K said...

Hi, I'm very excited to have found this project! I live on an artist ranch in Altadena,California that has a 60 year history in building with salvaged materials.
Your houses are beautiful and I admire your effort to offer affordable housing for low income people! You lead a great example!