Bone Furniture, Part III

Candle stand
“It’s Not About the Table,” by Paula McCullough
Cow bone, Redwood, and Western Red Cedar

End table
“It’s All About the Table,” by Paula McCullough
Cow bone and Western Red Cedar

The last artist to be included in this bone furniture exhibition is myself, Paula McCullough. I am honored and thrilled to be a part of the Phoenix Commotion let alone have an opportunity to exhibit in Texas alongside Dan and Bob.

I'm fairly new to making furniture, let alone working with bone. To date I have made a few found object pieces when I lived in Vermont, and now that I'm newly transplanted to Huntsville, Texas I look forward to creating more functional works with and for the Phoenix Commotion.

My first wood and bone piece was the candle stand. I call it 'It's not about the table' as it was very challenging for me to get the hang of physics/gravity and general furniture making skills seemingly over night. I was pushed almost to my limit working with a time crunch and new materials. I am happy to say the table, albeit ever so slightly a-tilt, works fine, is sturdy and if you were to shave the lower sides off two candles, you're good to go for a little romantic evening. Dry flowers or twigs could also be inserted to suit your visual needs. The bones are permanently affixed to the top of the stand. Table stand approx. 29", 9.5" wide.

The second table is more of an end or side table. Four cow jaw bones are screwed to the top with sliced bones dotting the center line. The underbelly of the table has several 45 degree angle scrap pieces of redwood for support and decor, while 4 cow vertebra's dangle securely onto each leg below. This table is called, 'It's all about the table' as this time I felt more comfortable with the materials and was less conscientious. Measurements: approx 22" tall, 27" long and 16" wide.

The bone furniture in all three posts (see first and second below) are exhibiting and available for sale. Contact Doss Heritage & Culture Center in Weatherford, Texas for more information.

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