Design Store's first items!

Here is a sneak preview at what will soon be available for purchase in the Phoenix Commotion Design Store. Dan has a limited quantity of excess cut offs from the cedar which is used as siding on both the bone house and artist studio at the latest job site. The color is subtle yet striking in both its simplicity and texture. Send one of these puppies as a Christmas Card and you will make an impression on the recipient instead of the environment. Should you receive such a card you can keep it as a memento, doubled as a trivet, coaster or as a simple interior 'tile' decor. Not speaking to you? Re gift it to little Jacob or Sophia with their Christmas art kit and let them have at it! Paint it, stencil it, distress it, heck you could even shove it in a drawer and keep the bugs away or if you aren't a hoarder, toss it in the fire pit and use it as kindling.

*postage not included, pricing and info coming soon. Look out for a bone bath ensemble created by Dan, to be listed in the immediate future!

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