Bone Furniture, Part II

“Arrested Development,” by Bob Maninger
Cow bone, Sycamore, and Western Red Cedar

Robert Maninger, EdD is an Assistant Professor at Sam Houston University. Robert, aka Bob, is also involved with the Phoenix Commotion in that he has helped build the Bone House, volunteers his time and will be one of the artists in residence at the Bone House/Arist Studio when it is completed sometime next year. Along with myself and Dan, he too has made bone furniture for the upcoming exhibit at the Doss Heritage & Culture Center in Weatherford, Texas.

When asked about how he became interested in art, Bob said, "My artistic bent began with my association with my girlfriend Edie Wells who grew my desire to take stimulating pictures and begin to construct altered books and paint. My desire to work on artistic furniture started with a visit to South Congress in Austin and inspiration followed. I usually dumpster dive for pieces and then alter them in some fashion with bottle cap tops or sign tops. I then evolved into the idea of rustic style furniture through my association with Dan Phillips."

"The table I think should be titled "Arrested Development" as I tried to make something that would look like it was rising up out of the bone and forming a top that was framed in bone. The tie to the other bone furniture undeniable with a touch of practicality. I love the look of sliced clavicle bone with forms the frame for the top... the single leg is a remnant of the sycamore tree that stands through the fire damage of the original Bone House structure. I seemed like a fitting tie into the home I will soon occupy."

I saw Bob's table next to Dan's chairs and was intrigued by the beauty of the sliced bone delicately laying atop the table (the bone is firmly affixed). The table top is a good height and spacious enough for a plate + beverage as it stands approx. 24" tall and is 12 x 11" wide. A slightly burnt sycamore piece makes for quite a unique 'leg' that is then securely bolted with more wood and a strong gob of bones. It is perfect as a stand alone table but of course it also blends quite wonderfully with Dan's ensemble should you want the entire set.

Bob's table will also be exhibiting/for sale. Details soon on the Design Store Page.

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