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'Bathroom Ensemble' by Dan Phillips
Staying close to primal sensibilities is important even in the bathroom.

Hand Mirror

Toothbrush Holder

Soap Dish

The Design Store is a new addition to the updated Phoenix Commotion website. Unlike a non-profit group The Phoenix Commotion is a self funding organization. As we continue to grow we are looking for more ways to make use of the reclaimed materials that are donated, purchased, or salvaged by the paid crew and volunteers. A significant portion of the materials that we acquire cannot be used to build homes. One of the ways in which we are putting extra materials to use is through the online Design Store.

These items are made in the same spirit as the homes that we build. They are raw and unfettered. We are passionate about creating original organic designs over perfect joints and smooth finishes. We hope you are inspired to surround yourself with handmade, useful items whether you support our mission to build houses or want to create something yourself from materials that you find.

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blackberryoctopus said...

Hi Dan,

I really love the work you're doing!

I am curious about the toothbrush holder bone.

Can you tell me which animal and which bone that is ?

Also, I am involved in the sustainability movement here in New York via a DIY Sub-Irrigated Mini Farm called Feedback Farms.

We are at www.feedbackfarms.com

If you ever come through New York, please give us a shout.