Need local volunteers for Sat. Dec. 5

As stated in the previous post below, one of the new goals/projects is to get a headquarters up and running. This project will have multiple uses, the goal being a future storage area, an office, design store and place for people to meet and get set up for volunteer work. During Decembers' school break one of the volunteers for Phoenix Commotion is undertaking this heroic challenge, that being the de-cluttering,cleaning, and renovating of a plot of land that is already home to a few buildings and a plethora of future supplies.

This Saturday, Dec. 5 we hope to get a jump start on this and need 5 volunteers who are willing to help organize and or move DIRTY HEAVY things like scrap metal and piles of tile etc. For those of you wanting to volunteer, it is a MUST that you wear appropriate clothing. Jeans (not shorts), work boots are mandatory, gloves, possible tools to help cut/tear things apart. If you show up in tennis shoes know you will not be allowed on the site. Bring food or money to go get lunch and enough drinking water so you don't get dehydrated. While we haven't seen poison ivy there, you need to be aware that it is a possibility, as are spiders, snakes and sharp metal objects. We will have a release form for you to sign prior to volunteering. Plan on starting around 9am.

Contact us if you are interested, go to facebook and leave a message. Thank you!

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