TED Talkin' and Commotion Minutes

Hello, true believers! Sorry we've been a little off the grid lately....things have been busy around the workshop over yonder.

As you might have noticed in the previous post, we've gotten a temporary certificate of occupancy for the Bone House, and it is being made all the more quirky and wonderful with the vibrant personalities now dwelling within. The water collection system is finally hooked up (so we can capitalize off that sweet Texas rain), the studio's bathroom/laundry room is a-go-go, and there are some more bells and whistles (and bottles) adorning the outdoor kitchen, a.k.a. the Chevron Station. From here, the place only needs the addition of a driveway, a BIG clean-up day, and a few more loose ends chased down and we'll be able to tally one more house under the FINITO column.

Another project that's we've been taking on simultaneously is the interior design for an education room in a new single-stream paper recycling facility being built by Waste Management in Houston. They want a place to take groups of kids and other tours to show them how recycling actually works, and they want us to give them a literal example of what one can do with recycled stuff....that, and just make the room look as cool as humanly possible.

So, we spent a lot of time making a pretty bodacious mural for this room, sizing up to 6'x30' on one wall and 6'x20' on another. Here are a few in-progress pics to give the audience an idea of what we're talking about. We'll try to get some comprehensive images up when we get 'em installed.

To match this, we've also been churning out a whole mess of chairs in which the curious minds of tomorrow can sit and ponder. These range from whimsical to eerie, from modernist to folk art. Here are a few of these thrifty thrones for your eyes to munch on.

For the sake of space, I'll only put up a handful on this blog, but you can check out all the one's we've produced thus far on our Flickr photostream, found here.

One last (and pretty righteous) thing to mention-- our one and only Dan Phillips gave a lecture a while back at TEDxHouston event. TED, which stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design, is a non-profit that brings some the most prolific minds alive in the world today (experts and innovators in the sciences, arts, education and more) to conventions to spread their insights and ideas to each other and the world, and they post the lectures online for anybody to view for free.

This is the speech that Dan made when he was featured at the event earlier in the year, and it was just posted online right at Thanksgiving. If you hurry and check soon, he's still on TED's home page! (www.ted.com)

So, we hope that's enough for ya'll to digest for now. We'll keep ya updated as more things come along our path. Until then, stay warm and keep creating!


Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the update and good news on Dan and on the Bone House.

We must've been on the same wavelength this evening. As I walked my dogs around 5:30 p.m. the thought popped into my head, "I wonder what's up with Phoenix Commotion... haven't heard from them." I appreciate your response.

inquiringmind said...

I love this project! I love what he is doing! A real Inspiration!
One question though?
Does anyone go to the commotion forum ever? Does Dan ever see the ideas people post there? We don't only need scientists and stuff. Ordinary people can come up with pretty extraordinary things too! I noticed that I am the only person who has commented or shared anything in the forum for months... Where are you guys?

Kristie said...

We've been incredibly busy finishing up the Bone House, working on the Wate Management Mural, getting George's and Josh's houses started, and beginning the TJ Burdett Building at our local recycle center.

Dan has been to so many speaking engagements and award banquets in the last year that we're not having a Decmeber tour so that we can take a collective breath. We appreciate your reading the forum and blog very much.

Even though we've gotten big press, we're a small organization with a small staff who is working their tails off. We hope to be able to spend more time on the forum next year and currently have Linda and Edie working on the Design Store. Stay tuned and tell your friends!

Kristie Stevens
Admin Director
Phoenix Commotion

Angela Recada said...

Thanks for the terrific update. The video is WONDERFUL, and I'll be sharing it on my Earth-inspired blog in the near future, if that's OK with you guys.

Maximum Gifford said...

Oh, of course! The video is free and streaming for everyone to see, and the more folks that see it the better. Tell as many people as you can, and thanks for helping spread the message!

Anonymous said...

I have been one of collecting items and making them useful again for years so I am very glad its finally becoming popular. As my collection of attic "wait to be reconstructed" are in line for projects.
I also have gone out of my way to photograph artistic hand crafted and "repurposed" items when ever I see an inspiring piece.
I rescued an unused doll house kit and collecting findings to make the interior design in what can be found. My husband has been helping the assist with bringing little pieces he thinks I might find useful. The finishing touches will be a felted dog and cat along with Popsicle Adirondack chairs.
I think with such a variety of colored pottery shards, one could make some wonderful mosaic pictures.

Anonymous said...

There is a Craftcycle group where you can share or encourage others to bring out their inner crafty. It's
Some of the items talked about include make your own bed matress that is washable. (no more dust mites) or you can share a project.

Tina said...

Love what you all are doing with recycled material but also giving people a chance to own their own homes in these tough economic times.
I think for many of us it's instinctual to have land and build our own homes.
Having said that I have rented my house for the last 17 years..... yes I know crazy but here in Vancouver Canada it has become out of reach for many of us. Your looking at $799,000 for an average and I mean very average house.
I decided to do a little experiment and try and build an art studio/ house for free with recycled material.... well almost free! It's a free standing structure just under 100sq feet that can be taken away if need be.Most of the materials were ready for the dump.
It really is quite sad that we have become a throw away society... so thanks to you Dan and your team for paving the way!

Anonymous said...

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