you'll be thankful for the Tankless water heater

So this is a tankless water heater located downstairs left of the kitchen sink. (the white box) It is 'in the wall' and is usually covered by that little panel you see resting next to the box.    The bone house has it's own passive solar heater system set up on the roof.  A pipe runs along the roof and the water gets circulated from a non-heated storage tank in the upstairs bathroom. All of the water in the tank goes to the two heaters in the house for both up and downstairs hot water usage. The picture below shows you what the circulation pumps look like.

Obviously on cloudy days the tankless water heater works on its own.  It's a little confusing for me but I think I'm understanding it.  The typical water heater always heats up water whether you need it or not. It is a huge electricity pig.  With this tankless water heater, you are only heating up water when you need it.  It is much more efficient and when coupled with the solar pre-heating system you reduce your electricity consumption even more.

Dan said he got this tankless water heater new on ebay for $229.  According to the Titan Tankless Water Heater site, you will save 60% on your water heating bill!  Enviromentally friendly and cost efficient....go ahead, take that hot shower guilt free!  You can read more here, 'how to take a shower' by Dan Phillips.


collage whirl said...

Wow! We priced these a while back and our gas company wanted $5000 including installation. These heaters have been used in Europe for ages too. Goes to show you can't get deals from the man.:-(
Kudos for being green!

paula said...

you know i think there are all different kinds/levels etc. when i googled this today i found a lot of interesting info about them here. Seems the solar aspect and having a holding tank would prevent some of the problems people experience with cold water from the ground etc.