labor of love and then some

Linda has made progress in a big way this week.  I think one of my favorite things about this bathroom shower is the cut out bottle parts she employs.  A rather difficult endeavor by the sound of it, the bottles can break easily when she cuts them.  The end result varies from delicate to chunky sized 'rings' that she then fills with a chunk of mosaic.  (post below) Long thin ceramic pieces lead up to these circles creating a stem or vine like image.  I still don't know how she is able to blend so many pieces into a cohesive piece of art!

I'm still working on the other downstairs bathroom that appears to have worn everyone out (don't forget the art studio walls are 2/3 mirror shards).  It is going to be 100% mirror shards from floor to ceiling. Tod has spent most of his work week cutting mirror and smoothing it so I can add it to the walls.  I am always reminded when I pop in to work a few hours here and there of how hard everyone on the crew has worked to make each and every piece of this house unique!


Cynthia said...

I love mosaic! These look great -- and good photos as well! thanks for letting us know how it's progressing!

Miss Kitty said...

Holy moly, those walls are awesome! WOW!

I've just now found your blog (Google search for bottle-cap floor, and voila!), and am delighted to follow your progress. These creative ideas are giving me a lot to think about as I remodel my own home. Thanks for the inspiration! I'll be checking back often. :-)

paula said...

thanks cynthia!
glad to hear you are inspired by dan's work miss kitty...and what linda is doing right now with those bottles and tile IS quite something!

Tiny Houses Hankerings said...

I know this is a really old post but I just have to leave a comment anyway. I love the walls in here. Its gorgeous! I would love to be a volunteer for Phoenix Commotion and learn how to do all this stuff so when I'm ready to build my house I can employee some of these techniques.