bathroom details

 Linda's Mosaic Design in the downstairs bedroom shower.
Below is the redwood ceiling that Josh made in the same room.

Upstairs shower: tile mosaic in progress

The bathrooms seem to be the focus right now.  Linda is diligently working away on the downstairs shower mosaic. It took me awhile to 'get' mosaic, and this shower wall is sealing the deal for me.  It is chunky and funky and full of variety.  It's fun to follow the 'trail' of vertical pieces and run into the big round broken glass; visually it is a great stopping point that really works! Josh made the ceiling from donated Redwood and worked that wood until it was smooth and beautiful.  By sealing it with polyurethane it is good to go!  Beautiful, rich and compliments the shower mosaic perfectly. 

The upstairs bathroom is still in progress as well.  As you can see in the last photo, tile is being used in the shower and it blends in with the tile floor quite nicely. Meanwhile,  Dan and Clay are doing the underpinning of the foundation right now, nasty hard work with lots of bug welts by the end of the day.  I'll spare pictures of that!


Cynthia said...

It looks fabulous! Thanks for posting this progress!

Anonymous said...

This is really a fantastic looking shower. I love the warm wood and the use of the brown tones in the tile gives a sense of security and relaxation. Love it!